Goodbye and Miss you alot

Today I feel a little restless. I am having trouble to keep my mind in focus. 2 days back I was distracted since I had been dreaming of going back to my parents thinking of happier times to come. But today when just 2 more days are left for our flight to take off, I am finding it a bit difficult to say goodbye.

I would miss the long walks Dhruv and I used to take by the river side watching the ducks and swans.

The river side walk

The river side walk

I would miss the Avenham Park, sitting on the benches by the river side, playing with the ball and pushing the toys trucks from the slopes there, sitting outside the coffee shop there and having a cup of coffee while watching the rain and feeling the shiver sent by the sudden gush of wind in our direction.

A cup of coffee and rain
A rainy day at Avenham Park by the river
Avenham Park
A rainy day out in Avenham and Miller Park

I would miss the simple happy moments we derived from travelling in buses and waving goodbye to them calling out aloud after getting down.

I would miss our visits to the train station where we used to just sit on the bench and watch the trains passing by, their doors opening and closing and the door steps unfolding, passengers boarding unboarding, the train staff placing a ramp at the doors to push the trolley full of snacks and eatables inside the train coach and marveling at the sheer pleasure on Dhruv’s face watching all this.

I would miss walking to the malls in the town centre and watching an excited Dhruv asking me to put in the 1 pound coin (Paise daalo, Paise daalo) into the Thomas engine and Peppa Pig car.

Christmas Day decoration at one of the malls

I would miss the mindless wanderings simply because we did not have anything to do at home.

I would miss the town library which was like a second home to us and where we developed an undying love for children books as a mother-son duo.

Harris Library in the town
Preston Cenotaph near the Harris Library & Museum
The square outside the library

I would miss the rains. I would miss being indecisive about how long to hold before stopping Dhruv from jumping in the watery puddles because I love them myself too. And then I would also miss the once in a while warm sunny days and the clear blue skies.

I would miss the frequent holidays that we gave ourselves and visiting the most wonderful places giving birth to numerous tales woven into them. I would miss the agreements that we always made with ourselves after every trip that this is the last one and now we shall save for our secure future but which only lasted for 3 months maximum and there we were again planning on some new destination to explore.

I would miss my home of one and a half years where I grew up too, along with Dhruv, as a confident mother.

Things we did at home while growing up
Things we did at home while growing up
Things we did at home while growing up
Things we did at home while growing up

I would probably miss many more things, probably a lot more.

I know life will not cease to exist with my moving on and it would offer a lot more pleasant experiences in times to come but I am still having this slight pain to let go off this place, to let go off my life in Preston.

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