A Day spent spilling the beans

Na, this piece is not going to be about spilling out some secrets but it is about an activity laid out for Dhruv today at home. The name given to this game was ‘Spilling the beans’.

It is summer vacation here in UK these days and nearly all the play groups are closed. Or may be I have been too lazy to find out which ones are still open. Or may be I am too exhausted with all the moving around.

I realised that since we are staying at home a lot these days,  Dhruv has been spending a vast amount of his time glued to the computer watching videos on Youtube. And more so I have been concerned that he has been pressing to watch videos of only London underground trains and Virgin trains running aimlessly (aimlessly….atleast it seems so in those videos) on the tracks and their impact upon his mind.

Thus, taking a clue from the various activities organised at the play groups, I brought out a few deep containers, a shallow plate, a bowl, a few measuring spoons and a silicon cup cake baking mould filled with grains, lentils and kidney beans. All these were laid out on the playing mat. The moment Dhruv saw there is something new happening in the house, he jumped over from the couch and in no time all the ingredients were mixed and spilled in the event of transferring the same into other containers. I was asked to clear and clean the spillage which I declined to do and instead gave him the task to pick up each grain from the mat and put it in any of the containers. The thought behind this was to help him improve his concentration coupled with working upon his fine motor skills and his control over his fingers.

Soon the whole effort of picking up the grains became futile to him and the measuring spoons were activated by indulging them in the excavation and digging in the heap of grains and lentils.

Another idea struck me with this Dhruv’s digging game and I suggested him to get his digger out. This idea was taken up for grabs as soon as it was thrown across. Therefore, the simple activity of spilling the beans turned into digging the beans.

I could constantly hear daddy’s voice screaming in my head at the sight of spillage everywhere “Ohhhh…saara ghar ganda kar diya…sab faila diya”. Today being a weekday and daddy been away at work, Dhruv and I can very conveniently flout the cleanliness code and create as much mess in the name of play.

All this while, the computer was seen struggling entertaining itself finding only an occasional audience in Dhruv by making loud sounds at infrequent intervals. I could have easily shut it down but did not feel like doing it since I was rejoicing watching it lose it importance today.

For tomorrow, I plan to fill the dishes and the containers with water and watch Dhruv splishing and splashing and floating and sinking ships.




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  1. You have ideas and certainly you are also creative
    This way dhruv will learn to indulge in kinda plays we used to play and not remain simply glued to laptops


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