Daisy Dinosaur Gets Lost


This week we have been reading a book by the name ‘Daisy dinosaur gets lost’.

This story is about a brother Rex and his younger sister Daisy. It starts with Rex wanting to go out to play by the swamp and their mother asks him to take Daisy along with him. Rex is not keen to have Daisy with him but mother insists and also instructs Daisy to be good and do what Rex tells her to do. So off they go.

By the swamp, Rex’s friends Tubs and Spike had been waiting for him and when they see Rex coming holding hands with his sister they make fun of him that he is holding hands with a girl. An embarrassed Rex orders Daisy to let go off his hand. And as mother had said she does as Rex asked her to do. 

Tubs and Spike sniff a game out of this act and tell Rex to ask Daisy to stand on one leg. Rex is very angry that he tells Daisy to do the same. And she obeys..

Spike further pokes Rex telling him to ask Daisy to pull her face, hop on the spot and throw off her toy ‘Bogbog’, she had been holding, into the air and she does as she was told.

Soon Rex gets bored of all this and suggests about climbing tress. While Rex, Tubs and Spike were climbing up the trees, Daisy is not even able to climb the lowest branch. She calls out to Rex for help in her baby voice –

Wex, Hup me Wex!

The mischievous Spike makes fun again imitating her –

Hup me too, Wexy-woo!

Rex gets very annoyed and shouts at her to stay where she is.

Then the boys start playing football. When Daisy asks if she can join them, she and the toy, Bogbog, in her hand are made the goal post. With Spike hitting a goal at her, Bogbog falls off from her hands and as she runs to pick the toy up Rex misses his aim at the post. Fueling with anger and with Daisy demanding of him to kiss Bogbog to make it feel better, Rex orders Daisy –


Soon after, all three boys start having  a great time throwing stones in the pond. In all this playing, Rex calls for Daisy to throw stones in the water and realizes that she is not there. He begins searching for her following her little trail of footprints and after a lot of effort he hears a noise. It was Daisy’s sobbing sounds. He finds Daisy sitting underneath a tree deep in the swamp.

Rex feels very sorry for what he had done to Daisy when she told her that she just did what he had told her to do and she had got lost.  Upon Rex’s apologizing, Daisy cheers up. And at the end both are very happy to be together again.

This is the third book about Dinosaurs that we have been reading and since Rex has been a part of all these books, he enjoys high popularity with Dhruv. The bright and clear illustrations makes it the flavour of this week. Dhruv’s favourite character in this book is Bogbog, Daisy’s little dinosaur toy. Everytime Bogbog would fall off Daisy’s hands, Dhruv would dramatize a loud cry. He felt sad for Daisy when she was not able to climb the tree alongwith others and when she, being made the goal post, gets hits with the football  He loved and enjoyed the conversation between the siblings in the end where I mimicked Daisy’s sentences in a small girl’s voice and Rex’s telling her ‘Okay’ in a big boy’s voice after her every request.

I would have liked to discuss with Dhruv ‘Was it fair what Tubs and Spike did for fun?’ Did he feel any sympathy for Rex whose day at the swamp was spoiled, or Daisy, whose big brother would not play with her and mistreat her? Why didn’t Rex want to take his little sister to the swamp? Would he have minded so much if Spike and Tubs had not been there? How would Dhruv react if he finds himself in such a situation?  I guess these questions have to saved for later since now is the time to enjoy the stories as they are.

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  1. This situations had me in fix a thousand times in childhood. I was often asked to have my younger brother by my side in gudiya guidya, kitchen kitchen, township picnics, school trips, picnics. When I was in KV, he used to come with me to the school too. And even teachers allowed to do that. Now we remember this and laugh out loud. I call him you are my protégé from birth :p


    1. I had a similar relationship with my brother too in childhood where we would always roam together holding hands. I think elder sisters are happier to have their younger brothers tagged along.


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