Books, Reading and a Memoir


I have talked about in my blog post 2 Generations and love for reading that Dhruv has developed interest in books or to say he loves books and more so he loves me read over the books to him. We have the daily ritual of reading atleast 2 books at bedtime. Somedays it happens when either or both of us are terribly tired and exhausted and I try to refuse to honour our ritual but he would still compel me with his rona dhona (whining) to be the ‘Lady of my word’ and we end up snuggling together with a book, the only concession that is given to me at these times is just one story or just one book instead of 2. There have been times when he has been asked to make a choice between switching off the computer or the ipad while he is watching his favourite youtube videos and sitting down to read and he has made his choice in favour of the latter.

Last night when we completed reading a book all about dinosaurs and were just about to close the book, there were illustrations of a few more book titles from the same author on the last page which caught his sight and he asked me to get one book out of those, which was about a boat, from the library because he wanted to read it.


It feels immensely satisfying to me that healthy small saplings have come out from the seeds that I had sown in the past. But just like how a baby sapling needs a lot of care in terms of watering, nourishment and protection from pests I also have to constantly provide nourishment in the form of fueling his imagination, enriching his book reading experiences by gradually steering his interest to topics and genres beyond the present ones like the diggers, trains, trucks and the most newly found interest in dinosaurs. And the protection from pests will come in the way of dealing with the more appealing distractions which will find their way into his life as he grows  Presently I am clueless how am I going to do this but I am sure of figuring out along the way.

As I am writing this, I am getting this inkling to start making a note, a record of our reading journey, about the stories that we read, about the silly and the brainy interpretations that we make of those stories, about our derived learnings. May be down the line when I or Dhruv will look back or when my memory will start fading, at that time we will have this memoir to revisit and cherish the memories.


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