Easter Holiday at Lake Windermere – The Final Part

Lake District 040
Bowness on a sunny day – From the last year archives

Last year when we had been to Bowness, we had taken the boat cruise to Lakeside, the southern town on the Lake shores so this year we planned to cruise to Ambelside towards the north. As I have recounted in my previous 2 posts, the weather had already played spoil-sport and there was no hope of it getting any better.

Lake District 044
Ship Ship – From the last year archives

On reaching the lake shores, we lined up in the queue for the boat. Dhruv, who had been very quiet all the way until now, found his lost energy on watching the other boats and steamers. He was bribed with a chocolate when he tried voicing his excitement with loud screams accompanied by frequent cries of  ‘Ship Ship’. Off course patiently waiting in lines in not an attribute found in 2-3 year olds and being patient in handling the tantrums of kids is a rare attribute found in fathers, atleast it is so in our case. Daddy’s threatening pitch kept on increasing with Dhruv’s ardent pitching for hopping onto the ship. The problem was there had been no ship in sight which was propelling the tempers and my headache.

Lake District 038

Then, I decided to play peace broker and broke up their arguement. I am always the better equipped parent in handling tantrums with all the knowledge gained in the parenting courses on my side. I know I know, I am not exhibiting any signs of humility here but I never said I am perfect…I am just better equipped. The charge of waiting in line was given to daddy while I took Dhruv for a stroll nearby for distracting him with ducks and birds. Distraction works in majority of cases.

When the entertainment factor in ducks and birds began showing signs of cessation, the ship (steamer) came to the rescue with its arrival.

We boarded the steamer to Ambelside and all the time on the water was either spent on educating Dhruv about the ripples forming waves  in the water due to wind, the sailboats and the motor boats or finding the perfect angles for clicking daddy’s photos with the unsaid instructions for clicking 5-6 times in one go. Who knows which click would capture the perfect shot. After all the whole intent of a holiday is to accumulate a lot of photos to be posted later……. on Facebook.

Ambelside – Waterhead view from the bench

On reaching the shores at Ambelside, we spent some time walking around and finding a perfect  location to have our picnic. We always carry home cooked food if its a day out in the country side since Indian vegetarian food is hard to find at such places. The perfect location was Borrans Park touching the lake.

Lakes 2 116
Zoomed view from the bench

After satisfying the hunger pangs with the picnic, I chose to remain seated on the bench while Dhruv and daddy indulged in some play time. The bench offered the best view of the waterhead but the picture that my brain captured was of ‘Me’ sitting on the bench in black long jacket, blue jeans and white shoes overlooking the vast landscape mirroring tranquility. This was my magical moment of the Easter Holiday trip which I brought back with me. Even after so many days, whenever I feel worked up, stressed and lost I just have to shut my eyes and that picture of mine sitting on that bench calms me down and clears my head.

Soon after, we took the steamer back to Bowness, hired a taxi to the Windermere train station from Bowness, caught the train and returned to Preston.

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  1. I really liked the phrase, I never said I am perfect…I am just better equipped. And it looks like the Momma could finally get some me time within the education trip of Dhruv. Yes, i am afraid that’s what holidays reduce to. Because we get so excited to share the facts and want the child to enjoy. Such vagaries of parenting, i tell you!


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