Easter Holiday at Lake Windermere – Walk to the Lake

Lake Windermere Map

From the Windermere train station we started on foot to Bowness-On-Windermere, another town a mile away on the banks of Lake Windermere. The weather had turned cold by then and the dense clouds were sure of shedding some rain too.

Dhruv and I were prepared to beat the rain with our water proof jackets.  Not that I had the least anticipation of rain but this is just our default dress code. Daddy, in his expectation of a sunny day, was dressed smartly in his black summer coat and his golf cap which would have shown no signs of saving him from getting drenched in the event of rain. In my head, Good luck daddy.

We went past the Windermere town centre and it was a beautiful view with hills surrounding the town centre.

Windermere Town Centre
Windermere Town Centre

The town centre was bustling with people unlike the scenes in the above photos. We were not able to get any pictures because of bad light and drizzle, the above photos are courtesy Google.

Though Dhruv was adamant on walking down the road all my himself but thanks to his ‘considerate’ nature which prevailed at that time owing to the dampness caused by the rain, he agreed upon getting tucked up in his stroller demanding ‘Rain Cover Rain Cover’ which I did not care to bring to save some hassles in carrying stuff and obviously expecting no rains on a forecasted sunny day. One can never do everything perfectly.

Oh boy! Had I induced a time for some tantrum throwing, some whining with

  Dhruv bheeg raha hai

Dhruv bheeg raha hai

Dhruv geela

Shoes geela

Jeans geela

Raining Raining

(Dhruv likes to call himself in third person.)

Did I make the above lines appear like the lyrics of a song. I think I did. Adding some crying uhun..uhun…uhun..uhun to these lines makes it sound like music to the ears. It helps me from getting mad. Something worked a few minutes later in distracting him out of it and he quietened.

We kept continuing our pace with Dhruv going in his meditative state and allowing me to delve into my own. I love the hills and the clouds and the drizzle just contributed in creating a wonderful romantic scene, romance with the nature.

Any signs of Edward Cullen on this romantic walk?

Gazing at the hotel properties by the road sides with boards of ‘No Vacancy’ seemed amusing. It took me a while to understand that these boards had nothing to do with the state of employment opportunities at these hotels instead they were stating the occupancy. They were all full for the Easter holiday season.

The road to Bowness soon became deserted with just three of us wandering along. Coming from a place where we are so used to people swarming all around, the thought of feeling deserted makes us go panic stricken and that too with dense woods on both sides of the road. There were no sign boards to signal whether we were on the right path to the lake or had we lost our way until we found signs of the first life, a person probably a tourist like us since he had a map in his hands. Moments like these always strengthen my faith in God. Like a God’s messenger, he showed us the illuminating light from an invisible divine lamp in broad daylight saying nothing just pointing out to the direction towards the lake in the map which assured us that we were right on our path. Quite a dramatic situation.



The dense woods soon cleared into a busy market place again, Bowness-on-Windermere town centre along the slope of a hill. Continuing down hill amidst the crowds we finally reached our destination, the lake.

Lakes 2 024


Lakes 2 022

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  1. Dhruv seems to be kind of royal personality. Dhruv bheeg raha hai. And i so wish the romance had blossomed between pretty author and the one wearing gold cap. But i know toddler would have acted smart lol ;p

    Another rhyme for rain…Rain Rain Go Away and Dr Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain.


  2. The person wearing the golf cap dislikes the rain and he dislikes walking more than anything. So now you know the source from where Dhruv has inherited his royal personality. Whereas I am one of your middle class characters.
    Dr Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain…..will have to google this one, its new for me. Next time I will dedicate this to the person in golf cap.


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