Knock Knock : Is anybody there?

My second blog post ‘First Attempt : Doomed‘ which, according to me, is my best piece of writing work till now and the reason why I got the courage to start my blog. Within 5 minutes of my pressing the publish button on 12th Feb  I got 2 mails in my inbox that there have been 2 random wordpress bloggers who have shown their liking for the post and being generous enough to click upon the like button. Wow!! I thought Have I arrived? What does that mean? Those were not my friends who have always told me that I write well but GOD these were 2 random people who had practically nothing to do with potty training apart from the fact that they would have gone through this struggle in their childhood . I was surely on a high.

My 3rd post ‘Bumpy Ride : Road Ahead‘  went live on 20th Feb. this post was not as good as the last one but I think I managed to do a decent job. I got 3 followers that day. Follower is a big word and concept for me. For a person who has been shy and an introvert for as long as I can remember of myself, striking an argument and getting my way out was never my way of life. I had a different but a hypocrite way of doing my things, agree to whatever others say , nod your head, avoid speaking and do as I wanted to do. No that was not my way either howsoever I would have wanted to do my things my way. I simply did nothing, no speaking and no doing. My brother always complained why was he the only one to have such ridiculous pair of hands which committed atrocities like breaking the not so expensive show pieces in the living room, filling the garden with water to the brim and then working very hard to get the water out, ruining the flora etc etc and vocalised howcome she (pointing to me) does not ever do anything wrong. To this our mother, obviously in an attempt to overcome her guilt of reprimanding him and to comfort him, said that how can anything go wrong at her hands she does not do anything.

Well this is no way to get you followers.

But still I managed to get 3 that day through my writing aka blogging. I wasted no time to call up my mother to let her know that. What this meant to her and rest of my family can be an altogether separate  post to be postponed to some other time. For now, I can say that she is always proud of what I do only that  I do something. And she will surely be proud of me yet again today now that I am making her famous on a global and public platform. Wait a second Mummy, you will become famous if somebody drops by and gives this post a read and not just a glance in the wordpress reader because you are here in the body of the post and not in the opening lines.

This brings me to the question – ‘Is anybody there?.

I had been left wondering in the last one month about the number of visitors on my blog stats page as to how many are reading  them. My mailbox regularly gave  me the impression that people are liking and following my blog posts  but why on earth or in the whole universe they are not getting registered as visitors on my stats page  After delving on this for a long time. i came to the conclusion that probably people who don’t post a liking on the blog post or click on ‘follow’ link only show up as visitors and views while all of them would have definitely been reading the posts.

This illusion was short lived. I happened to read one of the comments on the daily post blog about the relation between the number of likes and the number of page views and i was not impressed at all.


This brings me to another aspect. There can be others too who would have been reading in the freshly pressed reader stream solely intending to read the story and not caring to visit my original blog site where they will find nothing particularly different in the story apart from the chalk board theme and the various plug ins and widgets that I have installed after a lot of research and hard work. Yes, work and hard work which is so against my original demeanour. These people are not getting counted as visitors and since they are not leaving their likes or clicking on the follow link I am  just not aware of their existence and I am not clearly happy about this. I am not happy that my hard work is not getting paid off here on wordpress. I am getting this inkling to migrate to some other blogging platform may be the Google blogspot and discover its world.


  1. Hahahhaa, i laughed and laughed. Because let me confess i am impressed with the number of followers you have already, 107. You must be striking a right chord somewhere. And look at me Anu, with so my middle class stories going round i have barely 134 followers on FB and i can assure you only 10-20% of them read my fan page posts !

    Sigh….anyway my mom was never too excited for her daughter sitting for hours in front of the PC as she thought i might be chatting with a guy. She would stand behind me to watch the screen, she still do that lol


  2. You made my day Shweta 🙂 As a blogger, nothing is more worthy than being read and getting comments from a fellow blogger.
    Courtsey the technical glitch in WordPress, the quantum of 107 followers remain a mystery to me and gives no solace. Over the period of time, I have realised that it takes a lot out of someone to read something and that its not an easy task since I dont even manage to get 10% reads.
    Motherhood is all about persistence and perseverance and your mom should be a role model for us. 😀


  3. Hey one more suggestion, put your blog archive. Today i wanted to read some more posts, but i can’t find them on the webpage. Blog archive folder will help to follow all your posts at one place.


    1. Oh you dug out this old post!!! Yes those were initial days. Now I have made peace with the number of visitors I get. The number is still not more but I have a few involved and thoughtful readers ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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