Bumpy Ride : Road Ahead

After our first debacle (Post – First Attempt : Doomed), the diapers got a revival. And since their throwing away had just been symbolic and not absolute, their comeback was swift but with limited usage this time, only meant for outings and night-time.

After putting off the training plan for a month, the whole process started again. This time the strategy was to take it slow since all the promises by potty training experts to train young ones in 3 days, 5 days or 1 week would have fallen flat yet again with my strong-willed son.

To begin with, the potty seat found its way into the living room in full view to act as a constant reminder to Dhruv that I had not put the whole training thing completely on the back burner.


The colourful potty training book which had been borrowed from the local library went through several renewals and reading it together once a day became a serious ritual.

Taking a clue from the book where a teddy was shown sitting on the potty seat, Dhruv got the idea of pretend play and out came his teddies and Mickey mouse who were made to sit on the potty seat and were ordered to do pee-pee. Thus ‘in exile’ went the teddies and the mouse lest the seriousness of the issue turn into some recreation.

Each time I picked up the mop to clean the floor following the disaster, it was time to lovingly and gently remind the little one that the next time he should be telling me and I will help him use the potty seat. The listener would seldom be giving any heed because at the same time he was busy spotting a red car in the parking lot, a truck on the street, the sound of the sirens of the fire engine, ambulance and police car. And when no vehicles came into sight, it was considered as an appropriate time to press for a cookie, chips, wheels on the bus videos, Peppa Pig etc etc. Nevertheless,  the reminders continued but devoid of any anxiety this time.

‘We shall overcome, we shall overcome
We shall overcome one day
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe
We shall overcome one day’

I reminded myself of this song I had learnt in school years back.

And then one day, Dhruv was spotted sitting idly on the potty seat watching some videos on the computer and this was without any initiation or external forces’ interference. The parents could not believe their eyes. This opportunity was seized to shower all praises and cuddles. Tears trickled down my eyes to see my little baby finally growing up. Just then he stood up, moved out and it was time to get the mop.

From here on, he began using the potty seat as per his own will but for seating purposes only probably thinking considerately about the mop which could have been rendered unemployed adding to the ever-increasing  global unemployment figures.

There is something called evolution, I comforted myself. He has got there, almost.

Once I found Daddy dearest taking upon the role of teaching him and reminding him of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts  of the potty training business oblivious of  Dhruv’s 10 on 10 theoretical knowledge. And thereafter the questions followed (yet again)-

Q. Where should be pee and poop done?
A. In the potty seat.

Q. And Where does Dhruv do the same?
A. In the potty seat.

Daddy dearest became perplexed at the answer to the last question because that was clearly not happening and a two and a half-year old would not possibly be capable of lying. Daddy was aptly informed that his son, being as smart as him, knew all the perfect answers which could fetch him full marks on any given occasion.

The next phase saw some trust building between me and Dhruv as he happily started going to the bathroom every 2 hours upon my insistence and relenting himself on the bathroom mat. This meant I had to buy 3 sets of mats just for this purpose. This added to the laundry loads but I was contented that he had inched closer to ground zero.

In the last one month, he has moved one notch ahead into the bathroom tub. The resultant effect is that the laundry loads have reduced drastically now and  the room fresheners have seen some savings . Finally, we have been able to chuck out the diapers for the day time. Now every time that we go out, we have to limit our outings to 2 – 2 1/2 hours and return back home just in time.

Dhruv bypassed the potty seat phase and reached straight into the bathroom but it seems using the big toilet seat is still going to take some more time.

This bumpy ride which began 7 months ago has seen a gradual progress thanks to perseverance.


I am hopeful –

He shall overcome, he shall overcome
He shall overcome one day
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe
He shall overcome one day.

The next update in this category will ensue with both of us successfully graduating in this subject complete with felicitation and certificates.

Until then there would be other experiences, worthy of sharing, finding their way into this blogging space.

I have been frequently asked to write about my experiences while travelling to different places and about my stay in UK. Let me see if I am able to make that account interesting since travelling middle class and that too with a toddler is so boring entailing too much of planning and leaving very little scope to deviate.


  1. Hi Anu, to get the actual number of readers of a particular post use the page break option in the post. Like it will publish your post on the home page with a snippet and a link of read more. The interested people can click on read more for complete post.

    This will help you to check how many posts have been read how many times. I hope i made some sense.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have done something about it. It is yet to display on the home page.


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