My struggle with potty training

I believe there would be a lot of mothers like me who must be failing in potty training in their first attempts. I spoke to a few mothers i befriended in the toddler play groups but i was not able to get them divulge the details of how did they manage. They were unanimous that this was not a problem for them. Mothers with two children said the elder one learnt on their own and the second one learnt by watching the elder one. Great!!!


The two elderly ladies in my life, my mother and my mother in law remember very less of it now except for the fact that they too did not struggle with it, their babies got potty trained on their own. How much I wish for my son would have been like their perfect children ( who are offcourse my husband and me). They are also very quick to blame the diaper culture for making this thing a big issue. My support system in the form of my mother and mother in law did very little to boost my morale only fuelling my anxiety.

As a last resort, I turned to the internet space. My attempt at finding out info about any mothers struggling in this area to get some moral support in my own struggles, atleast, led me nowhere with either my browsing limitations or Google’s limited limitations to blame. So I had been thinking of putting together my struggles and experiences with potty training hoping that I am able to become instrumental in offering some moral support to some mother somewhere who feels like being trapped in a quagmire situation like I have been and still am.

The next blog will be about me and my free spirited son, Dhruv’s first attempt at Potty Training.


    1. I would like to thank you for calling these blog posts on potty training ‘a great read’. I feel highly obliged. 🙂


      1. Actually I felt that I have failed to come up with the right words in telling how amusing and informative they were. I hope to learn from my mistakes and reduce them in the future posts. But they are a great read indeed, Anamika. BTW, haven’t seen much of your parenting posts recently, isn’t Dhruv giving enough to write on? 🙂


      2. Parenting posts require a watchful eye and mind combined with certain amount of time for framing and editing. They shouldn’t appear as being boastful or exaggerated. With all the shifting and settling down causing mental and emotional upheaval I have not had that kind of energy I used to have while in UK. Have to get in the groove soon. By the way courtesy your award nomination and ‘sneak in the past’ posts, my blog stats have been spiralling north, north and more north. 😀


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