15 things which make me happy #MondayMusings

2 weeks of January 2017 have already passed. How fast does time fly, isn’t it? Time simply keeps ticking away and if we do not take the initiative ourselves to pause and reflect, we are sure to get sucked in the tide.

It is January and the whole of North India is shivering under the spell of freezing temperatures. This period means that my parents fly down south to Bangalore to  spend time with us. This year, we have a full on re-union with my brother and sister-in-law also joining us in the city. It has been happier times for me and Dhruv waiting for them to arrive and finally, that they have arrived, we are experiencing some difficulty in containing our ever-spilling euphoria. Continue reading


The swinging me #MondayMusings

I have nothing to write about today. There are ideas sitting in my head lazily and telling me today is not their day to venture out. What do I do? What do I tell? And, Monday being a Monday, I have to meet you all with some story. So, I think I will take you back to my childhood when I was in 5th-6th Std and my parents were building a house of their dreams.

Back then in the early 90s, one used to build a house with intense passion hoping it would last a lifetime or even generations. Continue reading


Blogging and Life Lessons 2016

There are some posts which don’t let one sleep because they compel to get themselves framed in words demanding a pencil, a diary and a computer finally. This is one such post which whispered to me I cannot proceed further in 2017 without giving due credit to the year which ended 24 hours ago.

2016 was a good enough year for me. The biggest blessing of 2016 was that it endowed me with realisation of the immense inner strength I have. The spirit which was once broken is now a spirit of steel. 2016 saw me completely healed of the hurt I had been carrying on for several years. It saw my relationships strengthening  even with those who were partially responsible for the hurt and pain I endured. Continue reading


Flavours of Christmas #UnwrapChristmas


Image courtesy : Quotes Gram

A few bloggers got together for a Secret Santa Project called #UnwrapChristmas – it is our attempt at spreading the cheer by being the Santa ourselves and sending gifts to a blogger secretly and to receive the gifts from our own Secret Santa  Needless to say, it has been a lot of fun – giving while taking care of the secrecy and receiving with an open heart.

Today, every half an hour a blogger will be publishing his/her #UnwrapChristams post writing about the meaning of Christmas. We will be linking our posts throughout the day.

I am thankful to Ankita Shukla for passing on to me the baton to unwrap my idea of Christmas. Continue reading


Questions raising me!

This space, when it started, was about me and my struggles in raising the toddler Dhruv, primarily single handedly. Life, relations, connections, all had taken a toll on my spirit, breaking me. I was in complete shambles and that reflected in Dhruv too. As I moved along the way, I worked on fixing myself and, consequently, him. Books and reading helped tremendously and we, Dhruv and I, became avid readers. This resulted in this blog talking about his books that we read and our interactions that followed.

Over the last year, this space has seen another make-over with it becoming more about Dhruv’s questions. Questions which come from the stories we read, the places we visit, the programmes and movies Continue reading


Patanjali Pizza? Anyone?

We are a healthy eating family and by family, I mean us – the mother-son duo, keeping the third member out of this context. Dhruv is a picky eater, does not eat everything but is conscious of the classification between junk and healthy foods. He eats green vegetable such as methi (fenugreek) and drumstick leaves with equal ease with which he devours bhindi (okra)Beet root and spinach go into his chapatis with him being aware of it since he cannot eat them in any other form. Continue reading


The Sincere Mumma

“Mummy, were you a good student?”, he asked while I brushed his teeth.

“I was a sincere student”, said I throwing in a new dimension with the new word.

“What is sincere? Is it better than being good?” He could not help without asking.

“Being sincere is good”, I elaborated, “I will tell you an incident from my 6th std. The Hindi teacher for some reason asked the class to come prepared with a 6 page poem ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ for recitation in the class after the weekend. On Monday, the whole class was made to stand on the benches in punishment because none of them had come prepared.  I was the only one in the class of 40 students who recited the complete poem.”  Read more of this post


Diwali 2016 #MondayMusings

I am not a ritualistic person and I don’t do festivals, neither from the religious angle nor from the spiritual angle. I find solace in the simplicity of everyday life.

Yet, Diwali is different and has always been. It spreads cheerfulness and happiness in the atmosphere.  The cleaning of the house, which has got old and toota-foota from Dhruv’s perspective since we have been living here for the last 2 years, has lended the renewal to my spirits. For Dhruv’s spirits, only a house change and a pan pizza can do the same.  Continue reading

21 Random Facts about me #FridayReflections

I love to talk about myself.

I love this little place, my blog, where I can talk or rather write about myself incessantly without bothering if it is going to be a turn off to people. In real life, I have to remind myself to take a breather and let others also do their talking and to give them a chance to tell their stories because if I don’t then I tend to get carried away.

Yesterday I came across Esha’s post on 21 Random Facts about me and I thought, ‘Well, here is another chance to delve and brood and sink and fish out facts about me.’ Continue reading


The date 06-10-2016


My eyes got affixed to this date in Dhruv’s Almanac.

Everyday, soon after he comes back home from school, the first thing I do is to take the Almanac out of his bag, scan for that day’s date and check the homework.

But 6th October, 2016 was just not any other date that I could simply move on to take note of the homework and close the Almanac. It was a special date bringing waves of memories from a decade ago. 10 years ago this day I, a shy young girl married for 6 months, took a great leap for herself by travelling to the United States all alone. Having spent an over-protected Continue reading