The Sincere Mumma #MondayMusings


“Mummy, were you a good student?”, he asked while I brushed his teeth.

“I was a sincere student”, said I throwing in a new dimension with the new word.

“What is sincere? Is it better than being good?” He could not help without asking.

“Being sincere is good”, I elaborated, “I will tell you an incident from my 6th std. The Hindi teacher for some reason asked the class to come prepared with a 6 page poem ‘Jhansi ki Rani‘ for recitation in the class after the weekend. On Monday, the whole class was made to stand on the benches in punishment because none of them had come prepared.  I was the only one in the class of 40 students who recited the complete poem.”  Continue reading


Diwali 2016 #MondayMusings

I am not a ritualistic person and I don’t do festivals, neither from the religious angle nor from the spiritual angle. I find solace in the simplicity of everyday life.

Yet, Diwali is different and has always been. It spreads cheerfulness and happiness in the atmosphere.  The cleaning of the house, which has got old and toota-foota from Dhruv’s perspective since we have been living here for the last 2 years, has lended the renewal to my spirits. For Dhruv’s spirits, only a house change and a pan pizza can do the same.  Continue reading

21 Random Facts about me #FridayReflections

I love to talk about myself.

I love this little place, my blog, where I can talk or rather write about myself incessantly without bothering if it is going to be a turn off to people. In real life, I have to remind myself to take a breather and let others also do their talking and to give them a chance to tell their stories because if I don’t then I tend to get carried away.

Yesterday I came across Esha’s post on 21 Random Facts about me and I thought, ‘Well, here is another chance to delve and brood and sink and fish out facts about me.’ Continue reading


The date 06-10-2016


My eyes got affixed to this date in Dhruv’s Almanac.

Everyday, soon after he comes back home from school, the first thing I do is to take the Almanac out of his bag, scan for that day’s date and check the homework.

But 6th October, 2016 was just not any other date that I could simply move on to take note of the homework and close the Almanac. It was a special date bringing waves of memories from a decade ago. 10 years ago this day I, a shy young girl married for 6 months, took a great leap for herself by travelling to the United States all alone. Having spent an over-protected Continue reading


My legacy: The paradoxical truths my daughter must know

As parents, we always want our children to suffer less in this journey of life. We hope to become answers to all of their questions but many a times words fail us, clarity fails us. And then we come across words of wisdom, speaking our minds in a perfectly balanced manner and one cannot stop sharing the same. This is a wonderful post by Shailaja Vishwanath.  Hope it touches your heart as much it touched mine.


Image Courtesy – Pixabay

We all have important lessons we’d like to share with our kids. These are 5 important paradoxical truths I want to teach my daughter.

Source: My legacy: The paradoxical truths my daughter must know


The Good vs Bad question

For sometime I have been fielding questions about what is good or bad and who is good or bad. The other day Dhruv came up and asked me, “Is shut-up a bad word?” to which I replied that it is rude for a person to tell somebody to shut up. Since one answer is never enough to clear the air of confusion in his head, another question popped up, “Is it only rude for older people to say shut up or is it the same for children too?” I answered, “It is rude for both children and adults.” His next, “But, is it bad?” “Yes, being rude is bad“, I said. “No No. You did not answer. Is shut-up a bad word?” he pestered. Realizing the loop I created I told, “Yes, it is.” Finally satisfied, his next tale began about him breaking friendship with a certain boy from the school bus because that friend spoke bad words to him and the bad word was shut up.

Another round of Good vs Bad discussion took place upon watching the movie Angry Birds.


Is Red good or bad? Is he bad because he likes nobody and nobody likes him? Are the pigs good or bad? Is the King Pig bad because he stole the birds’ eggs? Stealing is bad so he must be bad?

There were pauses between his questions which I could not fill with my answers the first time he posed them to me. But, the good thing about him is he never forgets his unanswered questions or those for which he does not get satisfactory answers and thus he keeps coming back. The problem, however, is I have subjective answers and Dhruv desires objectivity.

Going ahead with my undesired subjectivity, I explained, “None of them – Red, the pigs or the King Pig were absolutely good or bad. Red was bad for his anger issues and his problems with everyone on the birds island but he saved all the eggs  in the end so he was good. The pigs were good because they followed their King’s orders sincerely but since they were part of the stealing the eggs act hence they were bad. The King Pig was bad for destroying the birds island and running off with the eggs, still he was good for the pigs of his kingdom as he got eggs for them to eat.

Continuing my discourse, “Therefore, you see, nobody is a complete good or bad. Even you and I are both good and bad.” To this he started crying repeating “We are good people, we are not bad.

On such days I feel how difficult can it be to get things right.

How would you deal with such questions?

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#Monday Musings



Since time immemorial, in the patriarchal Indian culture, daughter-in-laws have been entrusted with the job of carrying the baton of their acquired (by the virtue of marriage) families’ traditions and customs. There is no other way around it. The ‘moving on’ from their parents’ customs to their in-laws’ customs is certain, whether it is immediate or a kind of an induction process in supposedly liberal families. Nobody asks them if the change is making any sense to them or if they are understanding what they are meant to do. The whole point is to do. What if they question? What if they seek rationale? Now, a culture which does not encourage the daughters to question, how can it allow the daughter-in-laws to do the same? It is blasphemy.

Somewhere, a daughter-in-law evolves over the years. She finds her calling. She finds a faith which is open to giving answers irrespective of her bodily being, a faith which places her out of congruence with those indisputable customs and rituals. She has once been chastised and today, her unshakable faith in herself emboldens her to test the familiar waters once again. This time she is not going to sink.


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#Monday Musings

Awareness makes parenting easier

Children come with their own personalities which, at times, can be way distinct from that of the parents’ and may come across as a shocker. It would have been a boon if parenting was an exact science where combining hydrogen and oxygen would always give H2O i.e. water but, sadly, it doesn’t because in the laboratory of life, catalyst being the child, combining hydrogen and oxygen has the tendency of creating a hydrogen bomb ready to cause an explosion. Thus, each one of us, as a parent, has to find one’s own means, one’s own ways. And, as if this wasn’t enough, we have the stars and the planets ruling the birth charts providing validations for the personality traits. Hence, the question  is whether parenting should function under the limitations of such validations passing the blame on the stars or there can be alternative paths explored?

Here is an excerpt of the guest post, I wrote addressing the above question in the personal context, which appeared on Sunita Rajwade‘s blog last week. Continue reading


Breaking the silence #PeriodPride

The initiative ‘Period Pride’ has been going on for a week at Write Tribe and I was not sure if I want to write about this or do I have the courage to tell my menstruation tale on a public platform. And then I read Tulika’s post this morning which prompted me to take the plunge.

I was 12 years old when I first bled. Thankfully, it was winter vacation and me and my brother were playing in our home’s lawn with our pup whom we had brought home a week back. 2 carpenters were working at home at that time. My mother had come to speak briefly with the carpenters when she looked into my direction and noticed something. She immediately ushered me inside the bedroom. Continue reading

The revolting mind #MondayMusings


I was sitting outside in the room’s balcony with a cup of tea and a book which I had packed along for the holiday.

It was the first week of June and we were spending 2 days in a resort in Madikeri. Monsoons were supposed to have set in but there were no rains, only the constant forecast of rains and thunderstorms on ‘The Weather Channel’.  The time was 6.30 am and the morning was a cool one. There were sounds of birds chirping in the surroundings which Continue reading